Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn: Fueling Local Artists with Quality Coffee

Brooklyn is known for its vibrant art scene and its love for artisanal coffee. Caffeine Underground, located in the heart of Bushwick, brings these two elements together by serving high-quality coffee sourced from local roasters and providing a space for local artists to showcase their work.

The cafe’s interior reflects its commitment to supporting the arts, with walls covered in colorful murals and paintings created by local artists. Customers can enjoy their coffee while admiring the creativity of the Brooklyn community.

Caffeine Underground takes pride in sourcing its coffee beans from local roasters such as Brooklyn Roasting Company, City of Saints, and Variety Coffee Roasters. This ensures that their coffee is not only fresh but also supports small businesses in the area.

The menu offers a variety of coffee drinks, from classic espresso shots to innovative latte creations. One standout drink is the “Brooklyn Special,” a latte made with house-made almond milk and maple syrup. The cafe also offers tea, hot chocolate, and a selection of pastries from local bakeries.

In addition to serving quality coffee, Caffeine Underground provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work. The cafe hosts regular art exhibitions and pop-up events featuring emerging artists from the Brooklyn area. This creates a sense of community and collaboration, where coffee lovers and art enthusiasts can come together and support each other’s passions.

The cafe’s commitment to supporting local businesses and artists has made it a beloved spot in the Bushwick community. Caffeine Underground offers a space where creativity and quality coffee come together, fueling the vibrant energy of Brooklyn’s art scene.

by Akira Kim