Discovering Bushniwa: A Japanese Gem in the Heart of Bushwick Brooklyn

If you’re searching for an exceptional dining experience in Bushwick, Brooklyn, look no further than Bushniwa. Nestled on the peaceful residential street of Stockholm, this Japanese restaurant is a true hidden gem.

As soon as you enter Bushniwa, you’ll be welcomed with a cozy and intimate ambiance. The decor is elegantly simple, featuring wooden accents and soft lighting. The restaurant is quite small, seating only about 20 people, which adds to its charm and exclusivity.

The menu at Bushniwa is influenced by the Japanese concept of kaiseki, which is a traditional multi-course dining experience. The chef, Yuji Otsuka, has honed his craft in some of Japan’s best restaurants and brings his expertise and passion to each dish. The menu is ever-changing to showcase seasonal ingredients and the chef’s creativity.

One standout dish is the sashimi platter, featuring a selection of fresh and expertly prepared raw fish. Another must-try is the grilled octopus, which is succulent and flavorful. Vegetarians will be delighted with the selection of vegetable dishes, such as the shiitake mushroom tempura and the eggplant miso. The service at Bushniwa is top-notch, with the staff being knowledgeable and attentive.

All in all, Bushniwa is a true hidden gem in Bushwick Brooklyn that you must experience for yourself. The intimate atmosphere, delectable dishes, and attentive service create an unforgettable dining experience. Make sure to reserve a table in advance, as this restaurant is sure to become a popular destination among foodies in the area.

by Olivia Wong