Grilled! Vegan Restaurant: An Exquisite Plant-Based Takeaway in Brooklyn

Bushwick Bites. Grilled! Vegan Restaurant: An Exquisite Plant-Based Takeaway in Brooklyn

Tucked away in Brooklyn’s bustling precinct, Grilled! Vegan restaurant is making quite an impression on the city’s food map. This takeaway hotspot, celebrated for its innovative vegan fare and friendly service, is a go-to for all seeking plant-based gastronomical delight.

Visiting Grilled! Vegan is an experience. As you approach the pickup window, you are greeted by the irresistible aroma of fresh herbs, sizzling vegetables, and a hint of smoky allure. The charm of this unique culinary spot lies in its simplicity – a window into a world where plant-based ingredients transform into mouth-watering dishes.

The seasonal menu at Grilled! Vegan highlights the best of local, organic produce. Chef Sarah Adams and Jason Mitchell, the dynamic duo steering the culinary wheel, have crafted a menu that challenges and surpasses conventional notions of vegan dining. With techniques like smoking, charring, and flame-grilling, they manage to coax out bold flavors and textures from their entirely animal-free ingredients.

The star at Grilled! Vegan is the Grilled Veggie Burger. This signature treat, featuring a house-made, flame-grilled veggie patty, smoky cashew cheese, caramelized onions, and a tangy special sauce, will leave you yearning for more. Served on a toasted artisanal bun, this burger is a testament to the restaurant’s culinary prowess.

Beyond the burger, the menu brims with plant-based adaptations of classic favorites. The vegan Cubano with marinated seitan pork, ‘Lightlife’ ham, ‘Violife’ provolone cheese is a standout. The Philly Cheesesteak, with its beef-flavored seitan, grilled onions, mayo, and ‘Follow Your Heart’ American cheese on a 10″ hero, is a homage to this iconic sandwich.

Other highlights include the ‘Beyond Sausage’ with brown mustard and house-made Chimichurri sauce on a hero. The B.E.C., with bacon, ‘JUST’ egg, and ‘Follow Your Heart’ cheddar cheese on an English muffin, offers a satisfying bite any time of the day. Seafood gets a vegan makeover with the Crispy Fish Filet, a breaded ‘Good Catch’ filet with tartar sauce and lettuce on a bun.

The Crispy Chik’n, featuring a breaded ‘Gardein Ultimate’ chik’n patty with pickles and chipotle mayo on a bun, is a spicy, crunchy treat. For a lighter choice, the Chik’n Caesar Wrap, with ‘Gardein’ chik’n strips, romaine lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and creamy Caesar dressing wrapped in a tortilla, is perfect. The Grilled Cheese sandwich, with your choice of ‘VioLife’ Cheddar or ‘Follow Your Heart’ Smoked Gouda on buttery, golden-brown bread, is a comforting classic.

Grilled! Vegan is not just a pick-up window – it’s a culinary destination for plant-based food lovers. So next time you’re in Brooklyn, swing by Grilled! Vegan and grab a bite of the plant-based revolution.


Author: Maya Singh