Beat the Heat at Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen: A Sustainable Summer Escape in Bushwick

Image of plates with food. Bushwick Bites.Beat the Heat at Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen: A Sustainable Summer Escape in Bushwick

As the summer temperatures in Bushwick rise and the city hums with the constant thrum of air conditioners, there’s a more sustainable way to escape the heat: Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, a hidden gem that’s bringing cinema, upscale dining, and shared electric use together under one cool roof.

While keeping your AC cranked up might seem like the only option to keep cool, consider this: Syndicated’s dine-in cinema, with its 60 comfortable seats and cool atmosphere, not only provides respite from the summer sun but also allows for shared electricity use. This means you can turn off your AC for a few hours, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill, while still enjoying the cool indoors.

As you step into Syndicated’s unique space, you are instantly transported into a world that merges culture and cuisine seamlessly. This isn’t your typical movie theater. Its programming varies from cult classics to new indie releases, ensuring that every visit offers a fresh cinematic experience.

But what truly sets Syndicated apart is its dining experience. You’re not confined to the usual stale popcorn and nachos here. Instead, the menu is a testament to innovative, sustainable snacks that delight both the palate and the planet.

Sink your teeth into their popcorn options. Traditional butter is not the only flavor here. For the more adventurous, Syndicated offers popcorn seasoned with Old Bay, curry, or nutritional yeast, adding a twist to this beloved movie snack while catering to a variety of dietary preferences.

Next, feast on their Impossible Chicken Nugs. Made from plant-based meat, these nuggets deliver the familiar comfort of chicken nuggets while significantly reducing environmental impact. According to data from Impossible Foods, producing their plant-based meat uses 96% less land, 87% less water, and generates 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional beef from cows. These nugs are not only a win for your taste buds but also a win for the planet.

Don’t miss out on the Crispy Cauliflower, either. Perfectly battered and fried to a golden-brown, this snack provides a delightful crunch with every bite. It’s a vegetarian-friendly dish that makes vegetables the star, underlining Syndicated’s commitment to innovative, plant-forward cuisine.

Lastly, wrap your hands around their Gochujang Veggie Pita Wrap. Filled with a vibrant array of vegetables and slathered in the Korean chili paste, this wrap offers a burst of flavors that satisfies while keeping things light and fresh.

At Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen, you’re not just escaping the summer heat; you’re partaking in a movement towards sustainability. You’re reducing your electricity use, supporting a business that values sustainable cuisine, and enjoying a unique cinematic experience.

As we strive to live more sustainably, remember that every choice counts. Turning off your AC and enjoying a movie at Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen might seem like a small act, but it’s these small acts that, when multiplied by a community, can make a big difference. So, come for the cool atmosphere, stay for the delicious, sustainable snacks, and leave knowing you’ve made a choice that’s good for you and the planet.

Author: Lily Johnson