A Fresh Green Respite: The New Domino Park Greenmarket

Bushwick Bites. Image of a sign for a green market. A Fresh Green Respite: The New Domino Park Greenmarket.

Bushwick’s vibrant community is about to get even fresher! Introducing the Domino Park Greenmarket – your new go-to for locally-sourced, organic, and farm-fresh produce. Conveniently located on S 1st St between Kent Ave & River St, this market offers a delightful array of seasonal produce and artisan goods, making it an essential Sunday destination from June 4th to November 19th.

Just within walking distance for many Bushwick residents, the Domino Park Greenmarket operates from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., ensuring ample time for locals to make their weekly selections. Whether you’re planning a Sunday brunch, looking for fresh blooms, or simply hoping to indulge in baked goods, this Greenmarket promises an eclectic mix catering to every palate.

For those frequenting the market in September, New York City’s harvest offers a spectacular variety. While the list of produce available changes depending on the farmers and their harvest schedules, here are some seasonal staples you can expect:

– Apples: A crisp delight that ushers in the fall. Look for local varieties which you might not find in your typical grocery store.

– Tomatoes: Still available in the early weeks of September, they’re perfect for salads or homemade sauces.

– Pumpkins: Whether for cooking or early preparations for Halloween, pumpkins start making an appearance.

– Squashes: From butternut to acorn, squashes are versatile and abundant during this month.

– Pears: Another fall favorite, pears are perfect for both savory and sweet dishes.

– Greens: Kale, spinach, and other greens are in their prime during September, ensuring your salads are as fresh as they come.

Farmers expected at the market bring the soul of New York and its surrounding areas. F & G Family Farm offers fresh vegetables straight from Orange County, NY. For those with a penchant for baked delights, Francesca’s Bakery from Passaic County, NJ, brings a tempting array of breads and baked goods. Jersey Farm Produce provides herbs, orchard fruits, and other vegetables from Hunterdon County, NJ.

For patrons more inclined towards organic offerings, Liberty Farms promises certified organic vegetables, chicken, eggs, and certified-animal welfare and pasture-raised meats. And for those seeking to add a touch of nature’s beauty to their homes, Tucker Farms brings cut flowers from Burlington & Monmouth County, NJ.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of Domino Park Greenmarket. It accepts multiple forms of payment, from Cash, SNAP/EBT, Debit/Credit to various health insurance plans like Healthfirst OTC Plus and Humana Healthy Options. And for SNAP/EBT/P-EBT users, there’s added incentive – spending $2 gets you a bonus $2 Health Buck, up to $10 per day.

Beyond shopping, the Greenmarket intends to be a hub for community engagement. The calendar of events boasts cooking demos, seasonal celebrations, and family-friendly activities – making every visit a potential day of learning and fun.

The Domino Park Greenmarket isn’t just a place to buy food; it’s where the community converges, traditions intertwine, and the very essence of Bushwick thrives. So, come Sunday, lace up your shoes and make your way down for an experience that promises freshness at every turn.


Author: Hassan Ali