Setting Sail with Sustainability: Holland America’s Fresh Fish Odyssey

Image of whole fish on ice. Setting Sail with Sustainability: Holland America’s Fresh Fish Odyssey. Bushwick Bites: Brooklyn’s fastest-growing food publication.Gina Keatley

As someone who’s cruised the world’s oceans, from the bustling ports of China to the romantic coastlines of Italy, I’ve witnessed first-hand the global tapestry of cultures, tastes, and traditions. Cruising offers a unique lens to view the world, one where each port of call serves as a tantalizing chapter in a global culinary novel. Yet, with such a vast footprint, there’s a pressing responsibility for cruise lines to ensure they tread lightly. In my years of traveling, I’ve come to realize that even the smallest changes can culminate into significant, sustainable impacts.

This is why Holland America Line’s latest culinary initiative resonates deeply with seasoned cruisers like myself. They’re not just redefining the dining experience; they’re setting a precedent for the entire cruise industry.

Imagine this: you’re docked at a picturesque port, perhaps in the Caribbean or maybe in the enchanting harbors of Australia. As you savor the sights and sounds, the dedicated team aboard your cruise ship is meticulously sourcing the freshest, local fish. And here’s the marvel – this catch goes from port to plate in less than 48 hours, a testament to freshness and sustainability.

Holland America Line’s groundbreaking global fresh fish program ensures that guests are treated to 80 distinct types of fresh fish, each sourced directly from 60 ports worldwide. Building upon their commitment to serving 100% fresh, certified sustainable Alaska seafood on their Alaska routes, this initiative’s global expansion is both a gastronomic celebration and a nod to sustainability.

And to champion this transformative program? None other than Chef Masaharu Morimoto, now anointed as Holland America’s “Fresh Fish Ambassador.” For those unfamiliar, Morimoto isn’t just a chef; he’s a culinary legend. An Iron Chef icon with restaurants spanning from New York to Tokyo, his integration of Western and Japanese ingredients has won him global acclaim. His partnership with Holland America Line promises to blend this signature touch with the fresh fish program, crafting dishes that are as delightful as they are sustainable.

For cruisers, the tantalizing “Morimoto by Sea” pop-up restaurant is the cherry on top. This exclusive dining experience promises a multi-course menu that intricately weaves the fresh fish narrative. And for those with a penchant for pairing, Chef Morimoto’s exclusive beverages, including the Morimoto Brut Rosé and an assortment of Sake, are the perfect companions to these dishes.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Sustainability is fantastic, but the food must remain delicious. And that’s the beauty of this initiative. By emphasizing freshness and local sourcing, not only is the ecological footprint reduced, but the flavors are enhanced. Freshly sourced fish, when masterfully prepared, offers a taste that’s unparalleled. And who better to ensure this than a chef of Morimoto’s caliber?

Holland America Line’s fresh fish program is a testament to this synergy. As I eagerly await my next cruising adventure, there’s a comfort in knowing that the journey will be flavored with choices that honor both our palate and our planet. Here’s to the next chapter of sustainable cruising — where each bite counts and every dish tells a story.

Author: Gina Keatley